March 29, 2017 - Bizvibe

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Color Changing Clothing is Hea...

Smart clothing is becoming all the rage, with garments that can do things like light up or detect the wearer’s pulse. Now, designers are also experimenting with color changing clothing ink,

E-Textiles Market Expects Stro...

The e-textiles market is still a young one, with most developments coming from start-ups and other small companies. However, it is starting to grow, and large-scale commercialization is on its

New Survey Shows Companies Cra...

Pointsource’s Executing Digital Transformation survey took data from 300 decision makers in the fields of marketing, IT, and operations to see what difficulties organizations were facing with digital transformation and

Secrets to an Effective Suppli...

Suppliers are valuable business partners and can have a substantial impact on your business. There is more to a supplier relationship than just finding a company that does good work

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