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Cotton Production in Pakistan ...

As the world’s fourth largest cotton producing country, Pakistan’s cotton production plays a vital role in the country’s GDP and export earnings, but production and cotton cultivation in Pakistan has

Tanzania’s Textile and Appar...

The textile and apparel industry in Tanzania is on route to become one of the leading sourcing sectors and foreign investment destinations in Africa. The country’s Textile Development Unit (TDU) praises

Cotton Demand in Turkey is Set...

Despite a recent small recovery in Turkey’s cotton production, the country’s export-oriented textile and apparel industry is still heavily reliant on cotton imports. Turkey’s cotton demand is soaring, and is

Vietnam’s Soaring Cotton Imp...

The demand of raw cotton in Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry has had a significant growth over the last six years in a row. After a little slowdown on its

China Cotton Stocks Plummet as...

A huge volume of cotton stocks in China is set to be sold via auctions from March 6th to the end of August 2017. The Chinese government is expected to

Egyptian Cotton: Scandal and P...

Egyptian cotton has just become the centre of a massive scandal that has shaken the global textile and fabric industry. The scandal has caused some major American bedding sheets retailers,

Global Cotton Stocks and Produ...

The global cotton market has experienced some dramatic ups and downs in both production and pricing over the marketing year from 2015 to 2016, mainly caused by a significant drop

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