Supplier data based on analysis, not probability

Selecting the right supplier doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money, or energy – as long as you have a steady supply of what matters most: Supplier Information. At BizVibe, we validate and collate supplier data to help buyers mitigate risks in their procurement process. The insights offered by our platform will generate substantial value for the C-suite, sourcing teams, and stakeholders.


Identify opportunities

BizVibe is a leader when it comes to helping brands boost visibility and identify new tender opportunities. With the help of our proprietary tools, buyers can verify suppliers' capabilities and select the 'best fit' vendors for their dynamic requirements - all at the click of a button.


Boost profits

BizVibe offers a wealth of information on global and regional suppliers to help buyers drive profits with intelligence. Buyers can now benchmark supplier performance against industry standards and visualize data on real-time dashboards - all from one place, all in one format.


Reduce risks

With supply chains becoming complex, buyers are facing the need to engage with suppliers who follow the same quality standards as them to sustain profitability. BizVibe is specifically designed to reduce risks in the supplier selection process and boost performance - every step of the way.


Streamline operations

Smart procurement is no longer a dream - as long as business leaders have visibility into the savings and sourcing pipelines. With BizVibe, teams can prioritize active and planned procurement activities, quantity their impact, and take informed sourcing decisions.

We specialize in making procurement functions smarter, simpler, and more streamlined for buyers

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Discover high quality leads, contact prospects, and obtain quotes

In today’s connected world, supply chain efficiency is everything. BizVibe offers buyers with high-quality supplier information to help them mitigate risks, improve profitability, and boost sustainability. With our help, buyers will be better placed to identify new sourcing opportunities and procure with complete assurance.

BizVibe for buyers

By offering better connectivity and access to relevant supplier information, we are redefining the concept of B2B networking. Thanks to our selection process and supplier database, buyers can be well-assured that they are engaging with the right supplier and achieve cost-savings.

BizVibe for suppliers

Every supplier wants to be seen in the best possible light, and the only way to achieve that is to see yourself through the eyes of the buyers. With BizVibe, suppliers can simplify their engagement models and focus more on what matters – winning contracts without hassle.


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Over 90% of buyers see an 8x boost in ROI within the first year of using BizVibe


Our platform is simple to use, employs cutting edge technology, and provides a full set of inbuilt proprietary tools that can be customized to make B2B networking simpler.


We aggregate, categorize, and parse data from millions of sources using machine learning tools and several sophisticated algorithms.


The data is made available to users in a customizable dashboard that is fully integrated with lead prospecting, communication, and networking tools.

Ready to Transform Your Business

From sourcing to supplier selection, transforming your processes with BizVibe will help you realize substantial savings


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