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top poultry meat producing countries
Top Poultry Meat Producing Cou...

The global poultry industry continues to grow with a steady pace in 2020, driven by the rising volume from the top poultry meat producing countries, largest poultry meat exporters and

top lamb producers
Global Sheep Farming Industry:...

The world’s top lamb producers, largest lamb exporters and importers are some of the main drivers fuelling the global sheep farming industry growth over the recent decades. Lamb is traditionally

largest fishing companies
Global Fishing Industry Factsh...

The worldwide growth in the demand of seafood and fisheries products has been phenomenal over the recent years, driving up the productions and earnings of the world’s largest fishing companies

largest wood producing countries
Global Timber and Wood Product...

The world’s largest wood producing countries, largest wood exporters and importers are contributing immensely to the global timber industry and wood products industry. According the latest statistics reported by the

top pork producing countries
Top Pork Producing Countries, ...

The global pork industry has witnessed a growing demand for pig meat over the recent decades, despite the turbulence faced by the world’s top pork producing countries, top pork exporters

top beef producing countries
Top Beef Producing Countries, ...

The global beef industry is on a strong and steady growth over the recent decades, as those top beef producing countries, largest beef exporters and importers continue to expend their

top flower producing countries
Top Flower Producing Countries...

As the global flower industry continues to blossom, the world’s top flower producing countries, flower exporters and importers are expected to witness a more promising future in the flower production

global fruit industry
Global Fruit Industry Factshee...

The global fruit industry plays an important part in today’s agricultural production around the world. Fruits contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, which have been proved to

vegetable farming industry
Global Vegetable Farming Indus...

The global vegetable farming industry has been growing intensively over the past few decades, especially on a per capita production and consumption basis. Today, vegetables account for a majority portion

US Soybean Production
US Soybean Production, Exports...

Factsheet: US Soybean production, exports, imports & prices

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