Why BizVibe?

Supplier intelligence for Buyers

Precise Supplier Targeting

Fine tune your search to shortlist and evaluate potential suppliers tailored to your needs.

Supplier Risk Monitoring

View company risk scores based on BizVibe’s propietary algorithm which factors four areas of critical risk.

Proposal Participation

Invite suppliers to paticipate in RFI/RFPs and communicate directly on the BizVibe platform.

Supplier intelligence for Sellers

Sales Prospecting

Discover sales prospects using detailed profiles which contain real-time curated and accurate data.

Track Key Competitors

Track and monitor key competitors of targets accounts and expand your sales outreach.

Easy & Secure Integration

Use direct plugins to access BizVibe on your Salesforce, Dynamics 360, and Outlook platforms.

Try BizVibe’s Interactive Tools

Monitor Risk

Access reports for 3M+ companies which assess four different business risk metrics

Find Key Contacts

Discover key company personnel to learn which employees to contact

View Company Competitors

Find similar companies and competitors at the global, national, and regional levels

See why so many companies across the globe are transforming their business with BizVibe