What's in It for Buyers?
Buyers can use our intuitive, feature-rich platform to analyze supplier performance and select the ‘best fit’ partner. Our platform takes B2B networking to another level by offering an intuitive platform to simplify spend management and vendor selection.
We know for a fact that no two businesses. With BizVibe's fully customizable interface, buyers can choose what information they want to focus on and create a strategy to track dynamic industry trends and mitigate financial risks. BizVibe gets you up and running in no time! Set-up your supplier evaluation dashboard in minutes and start comparing and selecting suppliers based on your preference.
From transforming the procurement process to mitigating financial risks, BizVibe helps buyers achieve cost savings by optimizing supply chain costs and supplier relationships. Leverage our platform to simplify B2B networking and improve your vendor selection process.

Key Benefits

Connect with the right supplier and get back to what matters most.

Bizvibe Allows Buyers to Fully Customize the Platform

Proactively mitigating supplier risks and industry challenges is no longer a dream for buyers. Our platform reduces the time it takes to find the right supplier so that buyers can get back to what matters most – maximizing profits and minimizing costs. With the help of our proprietary tools and customizable dashboard, brands can now improve their supplier selection process and track industry trends in real-time.

Boost Efficiency

With businesses expanding to new markets, supply chain complexities have started increasing, making it difficult for buyers to identify problem areas and mitigate financial risks. Apart from helping buyers track dynamic industry trends, our platform helps them gain a better sense of inter-dependencies and supplier risks.

Track Suppliers

We understand that building a solid market reputation takes time, and with consumers focusing mostly on brand reputation, having unreliable companies listed in your supply chain can hurt your brand reputation. We analyze and evaluate suppliers based on their performance and validate the data to understand and report risks, proactively.

Request Rfps or Rfqs

Sourcing accurate supplier information is, perhaps, one of the biggest challenges faced by buyers. With BizVibe, buyers can easily ask for more information from a shortlisted data set of suppliers to qualify them for upcoming requirements. Doing this would help them save time and boost efficiency in the procurement process.

Want to Transform Supplier Selection and Identify New Suppliers for Your Category?

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