Make Smarter Procurement Decisions

Use detailed company profiles and B2B tools to expand your supplier network. BizVibe makes it easy to find new suppliers and evaluate risk to help you make informed procurement decisions.

We Solve Procurement Process Inefficiencies

It takes enormous amounts of resources and time spent gathering data across scattered sources to find the right suppliers. We know this process is critical to an organization’s success, so we built a platform which aims to improve your procurement efforts every step of the way. With a vast network of supplier profiles, each packed with detailed company insights and smart B2B tools, you’ll have everything you need to win bids that give you a competitive advantage.


Reduction in time spent finding and shortlisting qualified suppliers


Of buyers have better RFI/RFP response rates than ever before

Manage Suppliers Using Category Dashboards

Easily keep track of all existing and potential suppliers in a single view. At any time, upload supplier lists and BizVibe will automatically categorize each company, or you can build a custom category with newly discovered suppliers.

My Categories Section > Medical Equipment Medical Bag, Medical Packaging Bag
The Medical Supplies Company
USD 11-100 million
United States of America

Detailed Company Insights to Find the Best Suppliers

Coverage of BizVibe’s Supplier Insights


Private and Public Companies




Product and Service Categories



Why BizVibe for Supplier Intelligence?

Verified Public and Private Supplier Profiles

Access one of the largest supplier intelligence platforms in the world, covering 30M+ verified public and private company profiles. New supplier profiles can also be added to the platform upon request.

Precise Supplier Targeting

Use advanced search functionalities and supplier comparison features with smart recommendations to target specific suppliers and achieve your procurement goals.

In-Depth Supplier Insights

View unique insights inside every supplier profile. Each company profile contains 50+ data points to help procurement professionals improve their purchasing experience and optimize their sourcing efforts.

Real-Time News and Risk Monitoring

Evaluate supplier risk using BizVibe’s proprietary algorithm which calculates an organization’s risk exposure across four critical factors. These risk scores are updated in real-time based on the latest news and industry trends and challenges.

Access High-Quality Supplier Insights All in One Place

Speedy Supplier Discovery

Find suppliers easier and faster with advanced search features combined with smart supplier recommendations. Narrow your search with precision by using 40,000+ product search filters to significantly reduce efforts finding qualified buyers.

Once a supplier is discovered, download their data, compare them to 1-3 more suppliers, set-up a news alert, or add them to a category all from the company profile.

Risk Evaluation for all Suppliers

Aid supplier risk analysis with a risk score tool that updates in real-time. By evaluating operational, financial, compliance, and geographical factors in combination with real-time aspects, BizVibe’s proprietary algorithm provides an immediate snapshot of a supplier’s risk exposure.

BizVibe Risk Score
Created with Highcharts 10.3.210 Risk Score?10 Risk Score0255075100


Risk Score

Low Risk
Medium Risk
High Risk
Find Suppliers

Bored of traditional risk scores that don’t relate to reality?

Get access to risk insights you can actually use!

  • Basic Information
  • Key Executives (21)
  • Financials
  • Contact Info
Basic Information
  • Software Engineering Services
  • Management Consulting
Industry NAICS SIC
  • 5415 Company System Design..
  • 5416 Management, Science..
Other Details
  • Type Public (Fortune 2000)
  • Revenue $ 1B +
  • Employees 10...
Gianfranco Casati
CEO - Growth Markets
Jean-Marc Ollagnier
CEO - Europe

Accurate Supplier Data

BizVibe ensures the supplier insights provided in the profiles are up-to-date and accurate. Find accurate contact information, product and service offerings, headquarter details, operating industries, key executives, similar suppliers, financial history, and more all in one place.

Save Valuable Time With BizVibe Procurement Tools

Use Professional RFI/RFP Templates

Increase proposal close rates and save time using professional RFI/RFP templates built into the BizVibe Procurement platform. These templates are customizable and allow you to add questions, rearrange sections, upload files, import and/or add suppliers, create milestones, and define qualification criteria.

*At Least One Questionnaire Required To Create RFI
+ Add New Question + Add New Section
Company Overview
Add your question +
Financial Information
Product/Service Offerings
Policies and Procedure
Other Information

Create Events

Create events and virtual conferences directly on the BizVibe platform. Search suppliers you want to invite, either from your existing lists, or use advanced search filters to view best suitable suppliers as per your preferences.

1 Basic Details

2 Add Suppliers

3 Schedule

4 Preview and Publish

Compare Suppliers in a Single Glance

Compare up to four suppliers at once. This tool allows you to easily view all basic information, company financials, key executives, and social media information of all selected suppliers side-by-side for quick evaluation.

  • Revenue Matrix
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Management Effectiveness

  • Sun Microsystems Global Services BV
  • Salesforce, Inc
  • Accenture

Set Up News Alerts

Track suppliers of interest by setting-up news alerts. At a frequency of your choosing (ex. weekly, monthly), BizVibe will send updates of all the latest supplier news so you don’t miss out on any critical information including negative news, product launches, new partnerships, recent press releases, industry awards, and more.

BizVibe Media Alerts
New Alerts for AC Company

AC Company Recognized as Industry Leader in Latest Reports

AC has been recognized as a Leader in the inaugural “Sustainability Enablement Technology Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022” report, by an industry leader analyst firm.

AC is ranked as a top 10 service provider for the capabilities they offer…

Read More >>November 27, 2022Source: Press Release

Get insights for 30M+ companies

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How to Find Suppliers Best Suited for Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BizVibe Procurement Platform Free?

BizVibe has various license tiers including a version for free users. The free version grants access to the supplier discovery tools and company profiles which are packed with free supplier insights. BizVibe’s paid licences will unlock the premium features.

How Do I Analyze Suppliers Using BizVibe?

The easiest way to evaluate suppliers on the procurement platform is by using the advanced search tool to discover and shortlist suppliers of interest. Once relevant suppliers are identified, users should view the company profiles which provide detailed insights to help monitor risk, find key executives, view competitors, and more. Numerous other supplier intelligence tools such as supplier tracking and comparison tools are provided to further help choose the best suppliers for your business.

What Types of Supplier Insights Are Provided?

Every company profile contains 50+ unique supplier insights. Examples of these insights include:

  • Industry categorization (NAICS, SIC)
  • Product and service offerings
  • Company overview (website, type, employee strength, financials, location)
  • Contact information
  • Key executives with social media profiles
  • Similar companies and regional competitors
  • Industry trends and challenges with category influence insights
  • Proprietary risk score calculated using revenue, location, and real-time insights
Does BizVibe Provide Data Enrichment for My Suppliers?

Yes, BizVibe can enrich supplier data. By using the supplier list upload tool, BizVibe will categorize all eligible suppliers which then will be displayed on your category dashboard. From the dashboard, you can access the company profiles for each supplier. Users can upload supplier lists at any time, including upon sign-up.

What If Can’t Find My Supplier on BizVibe?

If an existing or potential supplier is not listed on BizVibe, users can submit a request for a company profile to be created. BizVibe’s data quality team will do their due diligence to verify the supplier. If verified, the supplier research team will populate the profile with accurate insights. You can track the status of each requested profile to see the live progress.