Learn More About Suppliers with Custom RFIs

Gather more information about suppliers by creating RFI questionnaires and decide which suppliers are worth shortlisting.

Customizable Templates

Work from preformatted RFI templates to maximize your time. Templates can be easily edited to support the intent of the RFI.

Submit Your Request

Send RFIs directly from the BizVibe platform. Questionnaires can be sent to multiple suppliers at once from the same template..

Save Questions

If questions from previously sent RFIs generated great responses, users can quickly find and reuse previous questions for future questionnaires.

Send RFPs

Send RFPs that Generate Quality Responses

Send professional looking RFPs to qualified suppliers.

Speed Up the RFP Process

Eliminate the time-consuming process of collecting question data. Instead, focus on crafting a tailored RFP that will generate a quality response.

RFPs for all Complexities

BizVibe supports proposals of all complexities from a single-step process to a multi-stage process for more complicated proposals.

Invite Multiple Suppliers

Once the RFP is finalized, you can invite multiple suppliers to participate with just the click of a button.


Choose the Best Fit Supplier for Your Business

Use BizVibe’s proposal dashboard to help organize, evaluate, and score RFP responses, ensuring you choose the right supplier.

The proposal dashboard helps users evaluate suppliers:

  • Compare project proposals side-by-side
  • Score participant responses and let our platform show you who is the best supplier
  • Store and organize all supplier information and documents
  • Share proposals and documents with team members


Track Supplier Interaction in Real-Time

See how suppliers are interacting with your proposals.

Proposal Interactions

BizVibe tracks when your proposals were opened, completed, and when the supplier responded.

Real-Time Alerts

Users can setup mobile alerts for each individual interaction, so they don’t have to constantly stare at their inbox.

Connect With Suppliers

Having a clear history of all supplier interactions provides valuable insights, allowing your team to follow up at the perfect moment.

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