Efficiently Qualify Leads

Use high-quality buyer profiles to quickly identify which companies meet your customer profile.

Company Insights

Efficiently navigate through accurate company financial data and detailed organizational insights to help with early stage qualification.

Employee Insights

Identify key organizational employees to ensure you’re targeting the right people who can fast track the sales cycle.


Message companies of interest directly on the BizVibe platform to gain more information as to whether they match your buyer persona.


Discover New Prospects

Sales prospecting starts in the research phase. Use BizVibe’s extensive buyer profiles to discover companies that need your products or services.

30 Million+ Companies

BizVibe provides sales teams with more than 30 million high-quality buyer profiles, spanning across 200+ countries, segmented into 300+ categories.

Advanced Search

Easily identify good-fit customers by using BizVibe’s numerous company and employee filters, as well as advanced category specific filters.

Prospect Recommendations

The more you search on BizVibe, the more we learn. View our smart prospect recommendations to see if there’s a company you may have overlooked.


Analyze Buyer Potential

Perform a deep dive evaluation and shortlist companies that match your buyer persona.

Detailed Company Insights

Determine if you can provide value to a prospect using highly-detailed company insights to answer your qualifying questions.

Data Quality

BizVibe company profiles are the most accurate and up-to-date on the market.

Identify Stakeholders

Build a working list of key decision makers and influencers using BizVibe’s employee insights.


Follow Shortlisted Prospects

Shortlist qualified prospects and stay up to date on organizational news so you can reach out at the right time.

Monitor Your Prospects

Track everything from organizational changes to company announcements, financial reports to product launches,. Always stay up to date.

Real-Time Alerts

Create custom alerts for the news that’s most important to you so your team can reach out when the timing is right.

Know When to Reach Out

Set up alerts for prospects that trigger buying signals to help you engage with the right talking points.

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