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Company Name Domain Name* Category
1 Bg Staffing Inc Employment
2 Brunel International N.V Recuitment
3 Trueblue Inc Employment

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  • Basic Information
  • Key Executives (21)
  • Software Engineering Services
  • Management Consulting
Industry NAICS SIC
  • 5415 Company System Design..
  • 5416 Management, Science..
Other Details
  • Type Public (Fortune 2000)
  • Revenue $ 1B +
  • Employees 10…
Gianfranco Casati

CEO – Growth Markets

Jean-Marc Ollagnier

CEO – Europe

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Track and monitor key competitors of your target accounts or suppliers to keep expanding your business. Each profile includes up to 15 similar companies, segmented at the global, national, and regional levels.

Similar Companies (15)

D Dassault Systemes
  • Public
  • 100+
  • $18+
  • France
  • 0.5
F FinLeap
  • Public
  • 100+
  • $18+
  • Germany
  • 0.5

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Evaluate company risk in a single snapshot with BizVibe’s proprietary algorithm. This score is updated in real-time using a combination of recent news updates and an organization’s exposure to financial, country, compliance, and operational risk.

BizVibe Risk Score
Created with Highcharts 10.3.210 Risk Score?10 Risk Score0255075100


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