The All-In-One Sales Intelligence Platform

High quality company data and dynamic sales solutions all in one place

Stop Navigating Multiple Sites

Avoid redundant company data from multiple channels and access all the insights you need in a single profile

Reduce Lead Generation Time

Use advanced search filters, including 40k+ product/service filters to quickly find qualified buyers with precision, in any market

Get Better Quality Data

Get accurate company data that won’t negatively impact your sales win rates. All data is verified by BizVibe’s research team.

Integrate Your CRM

Easy integration with a direct plugin to your CRM. Access the complete platform and imported profiles within Salesforce

Receive Event Invitations

Attend BizVibe events and virtual conferences after receiving personal invitations from qualified buyers

BizVibe Helps Sales Teams Get Better Results

Numerous industry leaders rely on BizVibe’s company profiles and lead discovery tools to empower their sales teams with deeper insights. With better quality sales data and smart tools to reduce sales inefficiencies, our clients are experiencing increases in call volumes, closure rates, and revenue growth.


Decrease in time spent finding qualified leads due to better quality data


Increase in closure rates due to an optimized sales cycle

Why Industry Leaders Choose BizVibe Company Insights To Empower Their Sales Team

Company profiles

Unique insights per company

Product categories

Search eligible countries

Account match rate

How Sales Intelligence Tools Can Help Expand Your Sales Network

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Company Name Domain Name* Category
1 Bg Staffing Inc Employment
2 Brunel International N.V Recuitment
3 Trueblue Inc Employment

Enrich Your Account Data

Upload your prospect lists and map your account data with BizVibe insights. BizVibe guarantees a 90% account match rate. Once matched, BizVibe will populate various data fields including operating industry, products/services, revenue, employees, risk score and more.

Build a List of Qualified Leads

Use the lead discovery tool to find your ideal customers. With 40,000+ product and service filters available, BizVibe easily and efficiently allows sales teams to discover qualified buyers, even in the most niche and specialized markets. Categorize your leads and assign them to specific lists so everything is organized when it’s time to reach out.

  • My Leads
  • Trends & Challenges
  • Recommended Prospects
MD Dassault Systemes Plastics Product Manufacturing (NAICS:3261)
  • Type
  • Revenue
  • Employees
  • Headquarters
  • Public
  • USD Billion +
  • 1001+
  • Germany
  • Status
  • Select Status
CS Dassault Systemes Plastics Product Manufacturing (NAICS:3261)
  • Type
  • Revenue
  • Employees
  • Headquarters
  • Public
  • USD Billion +
  • 1001+
  • Germany
  • Status
  • Select Status

Integrate Your Salesforce Account

Easily install and add BizVibe to your salesforce account to get enhanced profiles. This ready to plug-in solution enables you to view BizVibe company profiles right within your Salesforce dashboard, providing a one stop solution for all quantitative account data.

Get insights for 30M+ companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BizVibe Seller Platform Free?

BizVibe has various license tiers including a version for free users. The free version grants access to the prospect discovery tools and company profiles which are packed with company insights. BizVibe’s paid licenses will unlock the premium features.

How Do I Target Prospects Using BizVibe?

The easiest way to discover and target the right prospects on the sales intelligence platform is by using the advanced search filters and BizVibe’s prospect recommendations. Once prospects of interest are identified, users should view the company profiles which provide detailed insights to help monitor risk, find key executives, view competitors, and more. Numerous other sales intelligence tools such as company tracking and comparison tools are provided to further help target the right prospects for your business.

What Types of Prospect Insights Are Provided?

Every company profile contains 50+ unique prospect insights. Examples of these insights include:

  • Industry categorization (NAICS, SIC)
  • Product and service offerings
  • Company overview (website, type, employee strength, financials, location)
  • Contact information
  • Key executives with social media profiles
  • Similar companies and regional competitors
  • Industry trends and challenges with category influence insights
  • Proprietary risk score calculated using revenue, location, and real-time insights
What if There’s No Profile Match for My Sales Accounts?

If there’s no profile match, you can request for the company profile to be created. You can track the status of each requested profile to see the live progress.

Does BizVibe Offer CRM Integration?

BizVibe offers easy and secure integration with your Salesforce account. Select and import the company profiles of your choice and access the entire platform within Salesforce.